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Glass fibre and Vinyl Liner Pools

Where would you use these types of pool? - in high altitude areas where very low temperatures can soon damage Shotcrete and Gunite Pools

Aloha Fiberglass Pools

Aloha’s beautiful colored finishes and over 40 elegant designs are guaranteed with a limited 35 Year Structural Warranty and a 15-Year Surface Warranty.

Aloha Fiberglass Pools has been a premier manufacturer leading the way in cutting-edge fiberglass pool manufacturing since 1991 and Bluepools is pleased to offer a Design and Installation Service based on Alohas swimming pools.

How are Fiberglass pools made?

If you want to know more about Aloha's pools click on this link

Estimate for an Aloha Fibreglass Pool Installation

If you would like us to visit, survey your backyard's suitability for an Aloha fiber glass pool and provide a quotation for design and installation by Aloha - please fill in your email address, type "Survey of Backyard for Aloha pool installation" + your tel no in the Tel Box and hit:-

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Vinyl Liner Reinforced Concrete Block Pools by Bluepools for DIY pool installation

The French Experience

In France - where about 1.2 million pools have been installed over the last 10 years - vinyl liner reinforced concrete block wall pools are generally recognised as the top of the range swimming pool.

After some market research we realised that there is a substantial demand for this type of swimming pool in California and Nevada and so we have developed the BlueLine range.

What is a BlueLine vinyl liner reinforced concrete block pool?

BlueLine is the brand name that Bluepools uses for its range of vinyl liner reinforced concrete block pool swimming pools.

A BlueLine Pool can be of any shape and size that will suit your requirements and fit in your backyard. We give each BlueLine Pool a Unique Reference Number that we use to archive all the data about your pool for future reference and any warranty claims under the three year manufacturers equipment guarantees.

BlueLine vinyl liner pools:

Pool Layout Design

Bluepools provides the same Unique Pool Design Ideas Service for its BlueLine pool range as it does for the other types of pool that it supplies.

Pool Walls

The pool layour design service is supplemented by structural design drawings prepared by a licensed pool structural design engineer especially for the BlueLine pool walls.

These are based on a small concrete footing that is 12" wide x 6" deep and consist of 7 courses of 6" high hollow concrete blocks that are lower onto reinforcing bars that are cast into the foundation. Each layer also has horizontal reinforcement and then the hollow wall is filled with structural concrete.

These are simple and quick to build by a bricklayer or on a DIY basis

Pool Floor

This is formed with a 3" thick screed that can be made from sand and cement with anti-crack reinforcement or from a cement and vermiculite mix that also insulates the floor of the pool and reduces heat loss from the pool water.

The Liner and Pool Equipment

.When the pool structure is complete the Bluepools trade sub-contractors can attend the site to deliver and install the pool equipment or the Pool Owner can opt to install it himself

Pool Kits

The Pool Kits are all provided with a fully illustrated installation manual 

If you would like us to visit, survey your backyard's suitability for a vinyl liner pool and provide a quotation for design and installation or just for the supply of a kit - please fill in your email address, type "Survey of Backyard for vinyl liner pool installation" in the Tel box + your phone no and hit:-

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