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In-Floor Pool Cleaning

During the past year over 75% of the pools that we have designed

have included in-floor pool cleaning systems

I am guessing that quite a few of you are not exactly sure what in-floor pool cleaning is.

But if you are thinking of building a pool now you need to get up to speed on this important and astonishing new technology.

In an old fashioned pool the water is circulated through several inlet jets and is re-circulated through drains in the pool floor and the skimmers that remove floating debris and scum on the pool surface

In a modern pool

With in-floor cleaning pop-up nozzles built into the floor of the swimming pool use high pressure streams of water to push dirt, sand, leaves and debris from every corner of the pool towards a special drain.

in floor schematic layout

The rubbish is then removed into a collection basket or canister for ease of disposal. 

The in-floor jet layout might look like this:-

in floor cleaning schematic layout The Valve that controls the Infloor cleaning system is simply a marvellous piece of modern technology

The Bluepools valves are simply the most advanced technology available anywhere in the world today - and are made locally in California.

The specification includes:-

Valve Features

The in-floor cleaning nozzles

Can be installed in steps, seats and play areas, and in spas and fountains. 

The system components look like this:-

in floor cleaning system
Both heat and chemicals evaporate from the water more rapidly at the surface of a swimming pool.

When the heat and chemicals are introduced at the bottom of the pool they get thoroughly mixed up  long before they reach the surface.

This results in lower heat and chemical losses and lower costs over the lifetime of the pool.

A study carried out at the Arizona State University concluded that the average swimming pool owner with in-floor cleaning could save up to:-

The Bluepools in-floor cleaning system

Is engineered using state-of-the-art C.A.D. technology and can be designed for concrete pools and spas of any shape or size. 

These views show how the valves work.

View from underside of the valve

valve top

View from the top of the valvevalve from the top

The nadgery bits look like this

valve parts

The pop-up nozzles come in 5 colours to complement your pool color and are virtually undetectable when not in use.

You can even swim while they operate because there are no hoses or obstacles - bBut there is something else that is even more important -

Most pool builders just see In-floor cleaning as an expensive extra that they can charge a ton of money for!

At Bluepools we see it as necessary "must-have" equipment - because your pool will be safer in health terms, and much cheaper to run.

And most importantly - it cannot be retro-fitted easily - and even then the only practicable way to do it is by the installation of a new floor in the pool that reduces it's depth.

A new plumbing system would also need to be installed.

So at Bluepools we keep the price of infloor as low as possible - simply because we know that our Clients will be even more delighted with their new "Bluepool" if it has in-floor cleaning.


Bluepools now offers the design and installation of in-floor cleaning to existing pools in California, Nevada and Arizona

In-floor cleaning cannot be retro-fitted easily and the only practicable way to do it is by the installation of a new floor in the pool that reduces it's depth - otherwise the strength of the existing concrete pool shell is reduced too much by the holes and trenches that need to be cut in it.

A new plumbing system is also needed and loads of holes need to be made in the pool shell - so while retrofitting of in-floor is possible - and we do do it - it is better to install it with any new pool.

If you would like us to visit and survey your pool and advise on the installation of in-floor cleaning please fill in your email address, type "In-floor Cleaning Survey of Existing Pool" and tour Tel No all in the Tel Box and hit

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