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Infinity, Mirror, Negative Edge Swimming pools in a small backyard

We get so many inquiries about negative edge or mirror pools - including how big a backyard is needed and how much do they cost that we have provided this webpage to show just how good these pools can look in a very small backyard.

The major problem with getting one of these pools built is that many shotcrete contractors are not experienced enough to build them properly.

We can introduce Pool Qwner Builders to a shotcrete contractor that has built hundreds of this type of pool.

The following plans and pictures are of a pool that we designed in West Hollywood and that was built in the summer of 2012.

The owner is delighted with it and it does look very spectacular in a simple classic way - just click on the thumbnails for a large pic - and by the way the extra cost of having the mirror edge is less than 10% of the total pool cost.


infinity or mirror edge pool plan in small backyard

The first thing that you will notice when you look at the photos is how incredibly clean and sparkling the water looks.

This is down to two factors

The first is that the mirror edge continuously skims off the whole surface of the water - unlike a pair of skimmers that would be about 4 foot wide - the entire perimeter of a mirror pool is being used to clean and filter the water.

The second factor is that this pool has infloor cleaning - in our opinion only an idiot would not install in-floor cleaning in a new pool!

mirror edge pool in small backyard

mirror edge spa

mirror edge pool steps

We squeezed the plant into the narrow path down the side of the residence - it is still easy to reach to maintain - but is entirely hidden from view.

mirror edge pool plant

And the spa is simply stunning!

mirror edge pool spa in detail

mirror edge pool edge details

Just look at how clear that water is!!

mirror edge pool in narrow yard area




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