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Modern In Ground Pool Design and Planning and Permit Documentation for Owner Builders

This is the most Cost Effective way of installing a Custom Designed Pool and has been proven by thousand of Pool Owner Builders all over the Westen States of California, Nevada and Arizona

We have a basic fee structure for assisting Architects, Property Developers and Pool Owner Builders who require a design for a pool in a backyard or garden where the site is flat with normal ground conditions, we provide:-

At the end of this Pool Design and Planning Stage the Pool Owner Builder will have the Construction Permit in place as well as Fixed Price Quotations for all the work required to complete the pool from Trade Contractors and a Fixed Price Quote for all the Pool Equipment.

The Fee for providing the above services is just $1995 for a pool that will meet all your sport and leisure requirements with a large cost saving in total.

Where Can we do it?

For most pool installations we will only need to make one visit - and to he honest we can see what we need to see from site photos - so we can provide this service at most locations - especially if we use Skype to meet!

Support and Advice during Construction

We provide two alternatives levels of support during the construction period and so an Architect, Property Developer or Pool Owner Builders can choose to:-

  1. Manage the Pool Installation without support at Nil cost
  2. Use the Bluepools Off- site Support Service via Email, Telephone or Skype without site visits at a cost of $495
  3. Use the On-site Support Service when we inspect and advice on the quality and accuracy of the Construction Work at a cost of 7% of the Total Estimated Trade Contractor Costs

Supply of Pool Equipment

We provide the Pool Equipment for the prices quoted during the Pool Planning Stage and these are based on the normal retail price of equipment in the mainstream pool stores such as Leslies Pool Supplies.

The Pool Equipment includes everything that the plumber and electrician need to complete the pool and all the optional extras that you order.

All the Pool Equipment that we supply comes with an all embracing 3 year guarantee that provides completely free replacement of pool parts and labour.

A word of warning - You might be able to find slightly cheaper prices on the Internet - but this equipment will only have a one year replacement guarantee - so you will have to take the part out from the pool and transport it back to the supplier to pick up a replacement.

Payment Stages

A deposit of $950 is payable before we issue any design layout drawings for comment and the balance of $1040 is payable on delivery of the document package for getting the Trade Contractor Estimates and Construction Permit.

50% of the Construction Period support fees are payable before Construction commences and 50% on Completion.

The payment for the Pool Equipment must be made on the day before the Equipment is delivered to the Pool Site.


Typical Fees included in a $30,000 pool

(Typical of a Conventional Pool Cost of $40,000)

Basic Fee


Off-site Support during Construction


On-site Support during Construction


Total fee with Off site support


Total fee with On-site support




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