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Pools By Design Fire Features

Swimming pool Firepits and Fireplaces

Add Sizzle to Your Backyard with Fire and Water

fire bowls near pool

Derek loves to play with fire and water and their transcendental appeal

He often finds extraordinary ways to combine the two simply because he understands the captivating power of these two elements.

Used alone, fire and water each have their own attractions, but bring them together and the appeal is transcendental in the way that it relaxes and refreshes your mind and body

The reflective qualities of water enhance the mystical qualities of fire that induces a mesmerizing effect that is quite primeval

fire lantern

Just Imagine

Flames dancing across the reflective stillness of a swimming pool behind a wall of water that glistens as it descends and then disappears behind a fiery line of flames.

Fire features have only recently become more available and for anyone building a pool by design that they are going to be proud of fire features are now an essential part of the backyard pool design.

Fire can transport you away from all those day to day problems of life and relax and sooth you at the same time.

fire bowl

Fire Features allow extended use of outdoor spaces

But fires also provide warmth and light and allows pool owners to get much more use out of the outdoor spaces they love by the use of the yard into the night and in the cooler seasons of the year.

Fire is a stunning decorative element on its own.

The use of large classsical shaped bowls and troughs of fire to add striking highlights throughout the yard. The effect is both elegant and primitive at the same time.

But There is a big issue with the Design of Fire Features

Are they for:-

"Intimate fireside chats and late night skinny dipping"


"Getting beers down your throat with your buddies and doing the barbie thing"

Thankfully this dilemma can now easily be resolved by designing features that can meet everyones requirements!

Fire Features come in all shapes and sizes

They can include:-

fire trough

The real beauty of fire features is that the provision of very large fire rings etc is not that costly - and you only need to turn them on when you are using the pool - or need to impress your buddies!

But Remember that Safety in the use of Fire Features is Essential

Always locate fire features away from walkways and take the normal wind conditions into account during Design.

And please remember that Fire is both beautiful and dangerous!



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