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Pool Landscaping

Backyard Landscaping around Swimming Pools

Nearly all urban backyards are so small that the term landscaping is a misnomer - but we all use it so I am sticking by it!

In most backyards about 25% of the total area will be taken up by the swimming pool and about 75% by the "landscaping".

So most people will either start with a budget and see how far it will go or do the outline design and then realise how much it is going to cost.

So as costs are the fundamental driver in backyard landscaping design I have concentrated on providing some ideas on what these are.

Patio and Paving costs

These will vary from state to state and town to town - but the budget figures in the following table should help you plan your landscaping


Paving Type Description
Cost per Sq Ft
Decomposed Granite Easy to use but needs to be retained at the edges



Concrete Color pigment can be added in the mixer and the surface can be treated in various ways



Stamped concrete This works well but needs construction joints that should be planned before you start
Concrete pavers Can be bought looking like stone - very tough and long lasting in use but needs heavier design for vehicles
Brick pavers A natural looking product that is also very hard wearing
15 - 20
Travertine pavers Are supplied in very attractive colors and patterns and feels very cool and comfortable under your feet



Bluestone Looks great - but needs to be cut and laid by a real professional
Concrete foundation to paving Any finish that needs to be supported by reinforced concrete paving because of poor foundation conditions



Plants for Landscaping

There are so many alternative plants for backyard landscaping that it is not easy to select the ones that Which ones will make you smile, do what you want them to, and also...survive? This page is your landscape plant guide to help you choose!

Factors such as height, color, texture, evergreen or deciduous all impact a landscape design. An attractive landscape design incorporates many different kinds of plants for landscaping. It is important, however to select the right plant for the right location.

Sun and shade conditions

Remember to check with every plant that you buy whether it needs sun or shade or both to do well.

Likes sunny conditions means 4 hours per day!

Landscape Planting

You will need a mixture of trees - can be evergreen, ornamental or for shade.

Evergreen shrubs can be flowering or non-flowering.

Perennials come up every year - they need to put in the sun or shade depending on what they like.

Annuals provide color - and need a lot of work!

Groundcover is normally green - but does not require much work!

Method of Approach

Create scale using Landscape trees

Plant them a distance half the diameters given on the labels away from the house

Use Evergreen shrubs

to provide depth and greenery in the winter - not a big mix - two types at most and predomantly one type

Use Perennial Flowers

in groups - remember they are normally sold when in flower - so if you stagger your buying throughout the year - you will have flowers throughout the year!

Create additional interest

by adding in a taller plant or two in places where they fit...a Lilac, Butterfly Bush or Oakleaf Hydrangea

Artificial Grass

We must talk about artificial grass.


In desert areas or anywhere where water is expensive this is a must have accessory to any pool installation.


The advantages are as follows:-

Just take a look at these examples:-


Click on any thumbnail for a bigger graphic


grass graphic no1
grass graphic no2
grass graphic no3
grass graphic no4
grass graphic no5
grass graphic no6

Cost of Artificial Grass

This varies a lot depending on material quality and location - but somewhere between $3 and $5 per square foot should cover it.


So a 40 foot wide by 20 foot deep area of backyard should cost between $2,400 and $4000




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