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Pool Owner-Builder FAQ's


Why would anyone not become a Pool Owner Builder?



Won't it take a lot of time and effort

It will take no more time and effort than it will to get a Licensed Pool Contractor to build your pool - the only difference is that you will have more control


Owner-Builder is a funny sounding name - where does it come from?

The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) was established in California in 1929 and identified that people that owned their own home could build on their own land without being a Licensed Contractor - these people were identified in the legislation as Owner Builders

There is now similar - but not identical legislation in Nevada and Arizona


Is a swimming pool that has been built by a Licensed Pool Contractor better than a pool that has been built by Trade Contractors working for an Owner Builder?

No - Most of the Licensed Pool Contractors do not carry any permanent employees that carry out the work - they employ site managers that are responsible for dozens of pools and they also use Trade Contractors - one of the problems that this introduces is that the extra layers of management just increase cost and reduce the abilty of the Pool buyer to make any changes on site as he can when he is supervising them himself


Do the Trade Contractors need to be supervised by a Professional Pool Expert?

Don't make me laugh! - many of the site managers do not have a clue how to actually build a pool - all the skills are held in the Trade Contractors hands - they know exactly what they are doing and actually need no supervision whatsoever!

Having said all that - mistakes can be made and one of the Support Services that we provide during construction is to inspect the layout, plumbing, rebar and cabling by:-

1) Looking at the photos that Clients take for the Off-site Support Service

2) Doing a site inspection for the On-site Support Service


What is the main advantage of going down the Pool Owner-Builder route?

You will save a substantial sum on the cost of your pool

You will have a lot more control over the design and cost of additional features

You will eliminate the risk of losing money following the bankruptcy of a Pool Installation Contractor

You will get the pool installed a lot quicker


What is the main dis-advantage of going down the Pool Owner-Builder route?

There is a lot of work involved unless you use Bluepools to prepare all the paperwork - However we are not allowed to Project Manage the Pool Installation because of the State Contractor Boards Rules. We can inspect the quality of the work and advise the Owner Builder on any problems.

A consultant like Bluepools is needed to do the design drawings

It can be difficult to indentify the best trade contractors


Why are Bluepools fees so cheap

We have been through the very long learning curve required to make full use of the Pool Studio software that we use and have highly refined the whole pool planning process

We have fully automated processes in place that have taken years to develop


What liability does Bluepools carry?

The pool equipment manufacturers provide a 3 year warranty on all the pool equipment that we supply

The trade contractors are fully bonded and insured so that pool defects are fully covered.

We limit our liability to the fee and will refund it in full if you are not 100% satisfied with our Services


Can an Owner Builder pool be built anywhere in the US?

Yes - but you may need to identify the trade contractors yourself if you are not in California, Nevada or Arizona

We have provided a nationwide list of shotcrete contractors - they will be able to provide information on the other local Trade contractors that you will require


Is it possible to DIY a pool?

A Shotcrete or Gunite pool are impossible to undertake on a DIY basis. These pools are so cheap to install using the Owner-Builder approach that there is no point in considering DIY

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