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Renovation of a Los Angeles pool

If you have a problem with an old pool that will not go away - I doubt that it looks quite as bad as this

green pool picture

No one likes to do it, but every once in a while it comes time to update and remodel your old swimming pool or spa in Los Angeles

Have You Got:-

  1. Noisy and Inefficient pool equipment - that costs the earth to run
  2. Dirty cold water - that your wife and kids are always moaning about
  3. Leaks in the plumbing - that leave a constant mess and drive up your water bill
  4. Dated faded tiling with some broken tiles - that make you ashamed to invite people round for cocktails
  5. Plaster that’s flaking away or rough in texture
  6. Coping and decks that are sagging and cracking and perhaps even dangerous to walk on!
  7. Leaks in the structure - that you would rather not think about
  8. Simply a backyard that is dominated by an ugly old pool

And so do you need to think about a Remodeling Project because:-

1) Your pool water is a health hazard?

Severe illness can be caused by bacteria in Swimming Pools - do not think that such illnesses are only caught in public pools - that is just not true!

pool remodeling in los angelese picture

Swimming pool water is often at just the right temperature to provide certain bacteria with the perfect habitat.

pool remodeling in los angles second picture

Viruses and other pathogens can also be present. The symptoms caused by the various micro organisms are similar to one another and can be spread by having contact with, germs in the water.

Even if your LA pool looks clean if it is not properly managed it can provide harmful bacteria with an ideal environment in which to flourish.

There are four main illnesses that can be caught from treated water swimming pools and spas

The majority of recreational waterborne illnesses can be linked to a lack of proper disinfectant, inadequate filtration and, or a lack of proper pool maintenance and cleaning practices.

Although it is commonly accepted that swimming pools can cause certain illnesses it can be difficult to directly link an outbreak with pool water as the evidence is largely circumstantial.

Because some illnesses can take between 2-14 days before symptoms present themselves they are not readily associated with the swimming pool. It is also quite difficult to isolate microbes in the water to identify them.


Pool Owners are Responsible

Firstly pool owners have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their family. This would include using adequate and effective disinfectant as well as having a proper, working filtration system.

Chlorine Does work

Chlorine is the most widely used disinfectant as it can inactivate or control most pathogens and therefore using adequate disinfectant is one of the most important factors for preventing an outbreak.

A modern control system will ensure that the water is not under or over chlorinated

Proper Filtration and Ph control is essential

Proper filtration and chemically balanced water are also important factors. Chlorine works by oxidising organic matter and inactivating pathogens.

Filtration removes both organic and inorganic matter thereby eliminating materials in which pathogens can shelter from disinfectants.

The pH of a pool must be maintained between 7.2 and 7.8 to allow the chlorine to work effectively.

A new filter and a modern control system will ensure that the water is clean and at the correct pH after the remodeling of your Los Angeles swimming pool.

Beware of letting the water get too hot!

High water temperatures, turbulent water and many swimmers causes rapid disinfectant depletion therefore they increase the risk of getting ill

Showers and personal hygene

The more people that use your pool the more essential it is to have a poolside shower so that the spread of these micro organisms can be reduced by showering before entering the pool to wash away any micro organisms.

You should also shower after using the pool to help remove any pathogens you may have picked up from the pool.

Children who are not toilet trained should either not use the pool or wear special, pool-safe nappies. If you have been ill, particularly if you suffered from diarrhoea, you should not use a pool for at least a week after symptoms have cleared up.

2) Your pool is not safe?

Over Memorial Day weekend in 2010 21 people across the United States were drowned

In total about 300 children under 5 drown in pools every year in the US

Are you sure that your Los Angeles pool complies with all the up-to-date regulations?

There are two areas of recent legislation that your old LA pool may not comply with and that could require the pool to be remodeled.

These are the pool access laws that are different from State to state and the Anti-entrapment law - know as the Virginia Graham Baker Act

Pool Access Law in California

You can find out all that you need to know about the pool access laws in California here:-

Anti-Entrapment systems

Existing covers can be upgraded to anti-entrapment standards or you might consider the the Hayward Stratum Vacuum Release System (VRS) - this is the only VRS that will both vent the pump suction line to atmosphere and turn off the power to the pump motor.

The recent Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety act has mandated additional safety methods to avoid suction outlet entrapment. According to the National Safe Kids organization more than two-thirds of parents (66 percent) are not at all or only somewhat familiar with the topic of suction entrapment and entanglement. According to the CPSC, there are five categories of potential suction entrapment hazards and there is no single product that protects against all five-entrapment hazards. The five hazards are: 

The Stratum VRS meets the Safety Acts requirements. and it is easily installed, in as little as one hour.

Stratum is effective in monitoring the suction pressure in single or multiple suction outlet (drain) systems, which share a common suction line. It features an automatic restart after certain activations and is programmed with an internal checking system that performs performance diagnostics during each start-up.

3)Your pool costs a lot more to run than it should?

Remodeling of your Los Angeles pool would allow you to take advantage of some of the latest innovations in pool equipment.

Today's technology allows you to automate much of the cleaning and operational processes.

Equipment manufacturers are creating systems that are targeted to more energy efficiency, thus saving money and more eco-friendly.  

The Bluepools Hayward Remodel Equipment package has been specially developed to address the changing needs for efficiency and conservation.  Their products save energy, conserve water, eliminate noise, or otherwise constitute to a more environmentally responsible equipment system.

To see details of the packages and prices please go to


Other products that you might consider could include variable speed pumps, LED pool and spa lighting, low NOx heaters,  and high performance filters that reduce water use.

Details of these are also provided here


4) You want your remodeled Los Angeles pool to look 100% better than it does at the moment - so that you can be proud of it!

Surface finishes

You might our views useful if you are planning resurfacing of either pool or the decks

White Marcite is the finish

that we recommend for most projects(basic white plaster).

It can be dyed to almost any color is a very durable product that should last for years (10+).

It is also smooth and nice to walk or sit on.

Pebble just looks Fantastic!

But the standardd size can be painful to walk or sit on!

Fine Pebble looks great and is a lot nicer to walk on. 

Any Pebble is a functional requirement for a beach entry - it is a fairly expensive finish.

Quartz is cheaper then pebble

We do not consider quartz to be worth the extra money


Most people use 6 inch tiles on the tile bands.

Other sizes like 3"x3", 2"x2" and 1"x1" and others are also popular.

We recoomend using 1"x1" for the tile band with a fully tiled spa where it is pleasant to site on.


Spraydeck is the most popular finish on concrete decks. Easy to repair and cool to walk on. Available in literally hundreds of colors.

Stamped Concrete looks fantastic and is very durable and so is used in many commercial situation.

However it can be extremely hot to walk on and if an area is damaged can be expensive to repair.

Travatine is the absolute top luxury finish but it can be slippery.

A concrete sub base has to be layed first and is a very expensive finish but unbeatable for looks.

Many multi million dollar homes have both the inside and outside of the house finished in this material with a floor at the same level as the pool.

You can sit inside your home and look out at the water at the same level.........A Mind Blowing Effect!

Raised Areas and Walls

Consider using stacked or Ledger stones raised elevational areas and walls.

This finish is very attractive, durable and popular




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