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Swimming Pools By Design


This is an Overview of the Swimming Pool Design Process. To cut a long story short - we like to take your rough sketches and work them up into professional plans that Pool Builders can use to Price up Your Pool using the Industry Standard software called Pool Design Studio

Pool Studio Software

If you are tempted to try and carry out some pool design yourself it is better if you limit your work to sketching ideas out - perhaps on a photograph or as a rough plan.

The pool cost can be quickly calculated if the design is carried out using the Industry standard software that we use called Pool Design Studio.

What is Pool Studio?

Pool Studio is incredibly fast and easy to use 3D Swimming Pool design software.

The “Instant 3D” design software is unique, making it quick and easy to create, share, and immediately modify fully-interactive, customized 3D presentations.

What does Pool Studio Do?

Pool Studio is all-in-one 3D Swimming Pool Design Software that allows us to draw in 2 dimensions (2D) , present Instant 3D, and print ready-to-build construction plans.

With Pool Studio, we can craft an incredible experience for all our customers in fully-interactive 3D with animation and sound effects.

You can even float in the swimming pool, listen to the sound of rippling water and watch the clouds drift by.

We can also change the time of day and illuminate your design with functioning lights and moonlight playing on the water.

This makes it simple to compare premium materials by showing upgrades in realistic 3D detail, that instantly reveals what the material will look like.

What is Pool Studio For?

It takes quite a long time to learn how to get the best out of it but when is has been mastered Pool Studio is the ideal solution for all pool designers and their Clients.

It shows the Client exactly what his pool will look like but It is also state of the art Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software that allows the production of fully dimensioned scale drawings for pricing by the Trade Contractors.

The Design Process

Home and Yard Dimensions

At the briefing meeting with the Client we measure the width and depth of the plot, the house and its location on the plot and the location of any trees etc that need to be preserved. These are all input into Pool Studio as part of the Basic Data.

Basic Pool Layout

In the majority of normal back yards the most appropriate pool surface area tends to be equal to about 25% of the back yard area.

The desk around the pool can also take a further 25% and so pool and deck often cover about 50 to 60% of the typical back yard area.

This leaves about 40 to 50% of the back yard that needs to be landscaped - if there is no natural landscaping in place it may be best to consider artificial grass as this is now not that costly and eliminates all that ghastly weeding and watering!

Having said all that - what about this pool that has just been finished in the Hollywood area - it takes up about 60% of the back yard!

pool in small back yard

Pool shape

Pool shapes tend to be one of three type:-

Most Clients nowadays opt for Rectangular or Geometric pool plan shapes.

Look at this web page for typical examples of POOL DESIGN IDEAS

Pool Fire Features

Look at this web page for more detail on POOL FIRE FEATURES

Pool Water Features

Look at this web page for more detail on POOL WATER FEATURES

Pool Lights

Look at this web page for more detail on POOL LIGHTS

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