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If You Become a Pool Owner Builder

You will Pay at least 30% less for the Finest Pool in Your sub-division located anywhere in Los Angeles, California or Nevada - and this might rise to nearly 50% in some cases - and we can prove it from recent projects

You will also Get In-floor Cleaning for a peanut cost !!!!!!

You will also Get it Built in 4 Weeks

- And at the Same Time Reduce the Hassle you get from dealing with Pool Installers

As they say "What is there not to Like!



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To get these benefits so You Must Read this Webpage - As it will be the most important one that you will ever look at!!

OK - So Why will it be the Best Pool in your Sub-division?

Because our top Design Guru - who has designed and built more up-market pools than he cares to count - will visit you for a Design Briefing, take all your ideas on board, give you his completely honest no-axe-to-grind advice on the best way to put a pool in your back yard.

And the best way to incorporate all those must have light, fire and water features.

We will then provide the Concept Design for your approval within a Day or so.

You can then approve the Design or change it and this can be done on an iterative basis until you are 100% sure that the pool and spa is exactly what you want - and it will also have in-floor cleaning - Read on for more details of this.

How can Bluepools get the Design done so quickly?

Because we are a tight focussed team that is organised to react very quickly to all the requirements of our Clients. In practice we find that it is better not to rush the Concept Design stage simply because of the phillosophy:-

"Do in haste and repent at Leisure"

But as soon as You have approved the design we can provide the documents for the Construction Permit process so that You can pull the permits a couple of days or so after You have approved the Concept Design.

How can the Bluepools system help You to get the pool built in as little as 3 weeks from Concept Design approval?

Because we provide all the documentation that You require to get Quotes from very experienced Local Trade Contractors that are only too pleased to cut out the Pool Contractors that dominate the industry and work directly for You instead!

We provide the plans and specification in electronic format as well as a list of local Trade Contractors that you can get quotes from. They will tell how much their contract will cost and when they can do it - so You can mix and match price and availability to get your pool built in the time frame you want and at the price you want:-

"You have complete control of the whole process"

And the weird thing is that this control means that you do not have the worry and hassle that comes as part of the territory of dealing with a major contracting organisation like a Big Pool Contractor. Believe me - You will have Urgent Emails coming out of your ears when you get into bed with one of them!

You will see an awful lot of paperwork - but not much action in your backyard!

If you do not believe me just search for Pool Complaints + the name of any big pool installation company!

OK but Who does supervise the Trade Contractors?

The most important technical aspect involved in the co-ordination of the Trade Contractors is the pool location and pool elevation.

This is all set out on the Bluepools drawings - they take into account the Deck drainage falls and all the existing features in your backyard - such as the level of your exisiting porch floor.

OK - but who makes sure that the pool is set out properly.

The Pool Excavator has a pivotal role in this.

He does the initial setting out and then excavates the pool to line and level.

These guys are all very experienced and we only ever recommend Excavators that have the best kit and have dug thousands of pools - If the pool is over dug the extra shotcrete required to fill it can cost thousands - it is the sole responsibility of the excavator to avoid this happening! - You will find that the pool is dug to an accuracy of less than an inch!

Before the excavator leaves the site he sets up the forms (thin boards or sheet material for free-from pools) that the shotcrete will be shot onto. These forms ensure that the outside face of the pool is in the correct location and at the correct elevation. The shotcrete contractor installs a 6" wide wall on the inside of the forms and this becomes the pool shell.

The forms are very important because the plumber, rebar and electrical contractors will install all their components by vertical and horizontal measurement from the forms.

When the rebar and plumbing is installed it looks like this - click on the picture to see more detail:-

pool excvation pic

Normally this all goes together without a hitch - but to make sure we either look at it on site before the pool is shot or examine the photos you send us - depending on the Bluepools support package that you have chosen.

Why does the pool cost 45% less than the other pools in our sub-division?

To be honest I do not know whether it will be 50%, 40% or perhaps even less than that - but you will be saving a substantial amount simply because you will not be paying for the overheads that a Pool Contractor carries, viz:-

The only thing that you can be sure of is that the busier the Pool Contractor is - the higher his Profit Margin will be!

There is something else that is very important and that you need to know about:-

Please let me digress - do you know what the punctuation mark that looks like this is called?


Well some wag in the UK print industry re-christened the "colon-dash" as the Dogs Bollocks - sometime in the 1940's.

Over time the use of the expression has evolved so that nowadays anything that is extra-ordinairly good is described by it.

This is highly relevant to Your new pool because if it does not have In-Floor cleaning it will not be "The Dogs Bollocks Pool in your Sub-division "

During the past year over 75% of the pools that we have designed have included in-floor cleaning

I am guessing that quite a few of you are not exactly sure what in-floor pool cleaning is.

In an old fashioned pool the water is circulated through several inlet jets and is re-circulated through drains in the pool floor and the skimmers that remove floating debris and scum on the pool surface.

In a modern pool With in-floor cleaning

Pop-up nozzles built into the floor of the swimming pool use high pressure streams of water to push dirt, sand, leaves and debris from every corner of the pool towards a special drain.

The rubbish is then removed into a collection basket or canister for ease of disposal. 

The in-floor cleaning nozzles

Can be installed in steps, seats and play areas, and in spas and fountains. 
Both heat and chemicals escape the water more rapidly at the surface of a swimming pool.

When the heat and chemicals are introduced at the bottom of the backyard pool they get thoroughly mixed up  long before they reach the surface.

This results in lower heat and chemical losses and lower costs over the lifetime of the backyard pool. A study carried out at the Arizona State University concluded that the average pool owner with in-floor cleaning could save up to:-

The Bluepools in-floor cleaning system

Is engineered using state-of-the-art C.A.D. technology and can be designed for concrete pools and spas of any shape or size. 

The pop-up nozzles come in 5 colours to complement your backyard pool color and are virtually undetectable when not in use. You can even swim while they operate because there are no hoses or obstacles. But there is something else that is even more important -

Most Pool Builders just see In-floor cleaning as an expensive extra that they can charge a ton of money for!

At Bluepools we see it as necessary "must-have dogs bollocks " equipment - because your pool will be safer in health terms, and much cheaper to run.

And most importantly - it cannot be easily retro-fitted - the only practicable way to do it is by the installation of a new floor in the pool that reduces it's depth together and by installing a totally new plumbing system.

So at Bluepools we keep the price of in-floor equipment as low as possible - simply because we know that our Clients will be even more delighted with their new Pool if it has in-floor cleaning.

We will redo the Design Free of Charge

And If you do not like the Pool Concept Design that we send you after the briefing meeting - Just email us and we will redo the Design completely

We are able to offer references from hundreds of satisfied clients that have used us to design their new pool or get their old pool remodeled into a stunning new backyard with all the fire and water features that are now so easily available.

So the choice is Yours - You can hire a Massive Team that will slowly mobilise into Delayed Action at Massive Cost and Frustration


You can get Bluepools on board to provide the Best Pool in your Sub-division for a Lot less Money and at a much quicker rate

Either just call us on one of the Tel Numbers at the top of the page

OR click on the Orange button


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and you will be given immediate on-line access to the tool that will calculate the cost of the pool as well as the weekly cost of a loan to get it built.

The Bluepools team is looking forward to hearing from you 

Best Regards

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PS - Don't forget

Bluepools simply guarantees that if we Plan Your Pool Installation - It will be done quickly without Hassle and will be the only "The Dogs Bollocks Pool on your Block"

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